Technology Services

Technology ServicesTechnology is changing the fundas of 21st century’s economic, political & social interactions on a global scale, previously unimagined. The traditional definition of ‘enterprise’ now encompasses much more than just a company. It includes every entity that business impacts and those that affect a company’s operations viz end consumers, partners, vendors, employees, investors, competitors etc. Tomorrow’s enterprise will operate in a truly revolutionized world & for meeting the current market demands, brands will need to think, plan and work differently. Processes & requirements are no longer linear and technology is enabling a new reality of what can be achieved. Brands today need world class dynamic IT Infrastructure to reduce costs, enable growth, ensure scalability and mitigate risks. Cyberkoms helps clients plan, implement and manage an efficient, resilient, flexible IT infrastructure. Our Technology services include:

  • Technical architecture design, implementation
  • Multi-platform technical development
  • Desktop Application Development
  • Web Application Development (Desktop, Mobile, Web)
  • Web Services
  • E-Commerce
  • Data, CRM, CMS services
  • Content and Asset Management
  • Cloud Computing
  • Integration and Deployment Strategy