Strategy & Planning

Strategy & PlanningIt is very critical to have the right digital strategy in place. And it cannot live in isolation from the existing activities and history of the brand. Most websites fail to generate the expected response from its target audience; most emails fail to get real traction with customers; most mobile campaigns waste a considerable part of their budgets. A misplaced brand identity within a digital strategy will misfire a campaign or lead to long term damage for the brand.

Hence it is critical that before any meaningful digital strategy can be put in place, the brand must be understood inside and out. This understanding also helps to expose unrealistic aims. The digital strategists @ Cyberkoms work with your brand to understand the history of digital activities & expected vs. achieved results. We discuss and pen down the future objectives and your expectations from digital. Accordingly we formulate a digital strategy for your brand that directs your activities to the desired response.

Our digital strategy services include :-

  • Brand strategy and positioning
  • Integrated communications planning
  • Campaign concepts & alignment
  • User experience strategy
  • Innovation + digital engagement planning & marketing
  • Digital product design and development
  • Account planning and management