CYBERKOMS DGtal launches a Revolution: TapnXcite

CYBERKOMS DGtal is pleased to announce the launch of its revolutionary service ‘TapnXcite’. It is an innovation which connects the OOH/Print & the digital worlds. This connection is primarily established through ‘NFC’ or Near Field Communication, a feature available in most mid to hi-end Smart Phones. NFC is a channel where information and data can be pushed to consumers directly through their smart phones. The application is very simple yet very effective. A simple tap of the Smart Phone onto a pre-defined object can result in actionable like launch of a video, tweet a status, FB like / Twitter follow, open a landing page or responsive site or any desired form of communication.

Deepak Gandhi, Founder, CYBERKOMS DGtal says, “The big potential for marketers is the gold mine of customer information that arrives with every tap of the smart phone. This data can be effectively leveraged to deliver relevant & engaging content, compelling offers & promotions to customers. The fact that the success of this offering is quantifiable will surely provide the marketer with a definitive edge.”

This kind of offering has not been made available by agencies. Cyberkoms has tied up with a UAE based organisation for this service & have been working to set this up for almost over a month. We are now ready to excite the brands with this innovative offering. And the exciting part here is the convergence of Commerce and Advertising. NFC is data driven & offers can be made based not only on a customer’s location, but on their purchase history and shopping habits. Marketers have the ability to collect consumer insights and behaviour for improvising on future campaigns.