About Us

A brand owner today faces several challenges like how to effectively reach the target audience, how to divide the budget between the various channels, how to optimize the marketing mix & most importantly what will be the Return of Investment.

We at Cyberkoms Dgtal bring to table rich exposure & insights to help brands with answers to all of the above. The core team @ Cyberkoms Dgtal has successfully played a role as digital consultants to several renowned brands across the globe. Our focus has been to help our clients enjoy a unique and strategic presence on the World Wide Web, which can help them gain competitive edge in today’s dynamic business environment. Backed with a young, passionate, energetic & rock-solid team comprising all the facets of the digital industry we plan to create the future of digital. Our ultimate aim is to deliver performance & build our client’s brands on the digital space.

We create interactions and relationships between our clients and their customers by:

  • Developing engaging customer-centered experiences that your customers would love.
  • Starting an on-going relationship with your customer by creating a value exchange between them & your brand.
  • Driving measurable growth for brands. Our focus is in delivering results. We measure, learn &  optimize as we go.


Proud to be associated with:

KIIT Institute of Rural Management Mantri Developers